True stories of The Chicago Outfit 

R.I.P - Tony Montana

11/13/1933 - 4/18/2019

You've seen Casino based off Tony Montana's good friends Tony Spilotro and Michael Spilotro. Tony Montana was investigated for his friends murders but was in prison at the time  for other conspiracy charges. He hoped his good friends had left the country but you know the story they ended up buried in the cornfield.

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 Tony Montana aka The Real Tony Montana was a real person from the Chicago Outfit.   Many of the organized crime movies you have seen are about his business  partners.
The movie Casino - is based off a lot of the business partners of Tony Montana.

Scarface - With Al Pacinio 1983 is a remake of 1932 Scarface that was based a lot off the life of Al Capone. Before the 1932 version was released Al Capone even sent his guys to the studio armed and with the movie scrpit  as you will see in The Real Tony Montana book.
The 1932 version there was no Tony Montana it was Tony Camonte. It was changed to Tony Montana in the 1983 Scarface.
1932 and 1983 Scarface movies were based off research of The Chicago Outfit and organized crime. Neither movie is about the life of The Real Tony Montana. The Real Tony Montana's name came up in all sorts of investigation reports. From money laundering, conspiracy, fraud,to even the murders of his good friends and business partners Tony Spilotro and his brother Michael Spilotro , his good friends that got killed just after Tony Montana was busted by the feds. The fbi came to the prison to question Tony Montana about the missing person case of his friends. Since the bodies were not found yet it was a missing person case then later shortly after the bodies were found in the cornfield it became one of the biggest  murder cases of all time..

When the film Casino was made they did not actually know who killed Tony Spilotro and his brother Michael Spilotro. They also did not know how they got killed so the baseball bats were used in the movie. Later on in The Family Secrets Trail it was reviled it was one of Tony Montana's other good friends Frank Calabrese that helped carry out the murders. Frank Calabrese said he tackled Michael Spilotro and held his legs while another mobster strangled him with a rope. He said he heard Tony Spilotro ask his executioners, “Can I say a prayer?” There was no reply.

 The beatings and murders took place in basement and they were taken to the cornfields and berried after.

Not to be confused with Al Pacino’s character in the movie “Scarface,” the existing Tony Montana is not Cuban, he’s Italian. You see, a lot of confusion about the real organized crime member began some time ago. As it turns out, the original Scarface, created in 1932, was a depiction of Al Capone because he had a scar on his face. It was a film about moonshining during the prohibition era, but the 1983 remake of the film switched the product from alcohol to cocaine. “Al Pacino was not supposed to be Al Capone because he was Cuban,” confirms Tony. “It’s a misleading thing. My name was taken because they liked my name and because I knew all of the players in the movie.” Furthermore, the authentic Tony Montana wants to make it clear that he nor the Chicago Outfit were ever involved in any drug trafficking.

 “I am the real Tony Montana, I’m not a generic one. It’s an Italian name, not a Cuban name. Cuban names are Montaña, not Montana,” he declares.

  Tony certainly rose to the top. Before the law took him down, he owned between 30 and 40 night clubs, restaurants and clothing stores in Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV. He made sure not to intertwine his home life with his work. When Tony was married, his wife only knew that he owned a night club and nothing more. It was a private world. In fact, Tony says Outfit members never entered his home.

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 Tony Montana from Chicago Outfit (Chicago Mob)  worked along side of Tony "The Ant" Spilotro. Tony Montana watched over Tony Spilotros investments and money laundering locations. Tony Montana was also Tony Spilotro's driver up until Tony Montana was arrested for conspiracy. Shortly after Tony Spilotro and his brother Michael Spilotro went missing and then there bodies were found in the cornfield. Tony Montana also worked on the documentaries Sinatra Dark Star , The Downfall Of Toyko Joe and many others . Tony Montana was a expert on the Chicago outfit and organized crime he also worked with Tony Accardo,  Sam Giancana, Fat Leonard Caifano, Jimmy Allegretti, Joe DiVarco, Joe the Jap ,Eto, Milwaukee Phil, FiFi Buccieri , Tony Spilotro. and many more of the most famous and most feared Chicago Outfit and mafia members of all time!
Tony Montana lived his life on the down low and and stayed loyal to his business associates and friends allowing him to live along good life before he passed away at age 85 years old of health problems on 4/18/2019 in Las Vegas , Nevada.

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